Wilson First Car Delivery

First car transporter

My name is Ian Wilson,  I started our car delivery business in 2012 working from home with one jeep plus trailer and in uniform.  Soon to include my lovely wife Trudi,  who also delivered cars before eventually coming off the road and taking charge of all the car delivery bookings and administration duties!

"First day on the job for Benfield Motor Group, thanks to Jason who gave me my first booking and big thanks to Claire and her team!!!"

  Big thanks to Benfield who became Lookers  

Wilson Fleet of transporters

Starting to grow

We have continued to grow at a steady pace,  renting parking space in compounds for our increasing numbers in car transporters.  Now we are replacing old transporters for NEW!  Updating the uniform and have invested in the latest tracker system technology as well as the dealer preferred MoDel delivery system.  We aim to provide a full professional service.

"We purchased older transporters in the beginning. Every time we earned some money I would invest in another transporter and employ another driver"

 Steady and reliable seems to have paid off! 

Wilson's Auto service centre

Owning our own premises - Wilson's Auto Service Centre

December 2016 we purchased 1.75 acres of land in Jarrow,  Tyne and Wear,  comprising of external parking and a large derelict warehouse (that is being updated),  consisting of 28,000 square feet of internal space that includes a workshop,  internal parking,  valet bay,  toilets, offices,  store room, conference room and now reception.  We have had fitted 4 hydraulic ramps, 3D laser wheel alignment,  MOT bay and a HOT water Jet Wash with Lance and brush.   To date we have 30 staff on our payroll including our son Jack who has proved to be invaluable,  "thanks Jack".  We now have 32 company vehicles in total.

"The secret to our success was to never let our customers down, always charge a fair price, take a risk and never, ever, ever give up!!!"

   I always had support from my wife and son.  